Installing Laravel and Composer on a cPanel server

So, you want to start developing with the Laravel 4 framework for PHP but don’t have a dedicated server or the desire to use something like Digital Ocean and Laravel Forge. Maybe you already have a cPanel account on a shared server and don’t want to pay for another environment to develop in. Well guess what? You can setup Laravel inside your cPanel environment fairly easily! Continue Reading…

Changing Woocommerce Products Per Page

Looking for the easy and correct way to change how many products per page are displayed in your Woocommerce site? Look no further!

There are two viable methods for limiting how many products are displayed on each Woocommerce page, I will give a brief overview of both solutions and you can pick which would suit your project better.

The Easy Solution

The easiest way to set how many Woocommerce products are displayed on each page is to go into your WP Admin Panel and under the Settings menu choose the Reading dropdown.


Now that you are in the Reading settings page, change the value of ‘Blog pages show at most’. I changed the value to 12 in this example because I want to display 12 products on each of my pages in Woocommerce.

Blog pages show at most

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